Dear friends and fans of Kinesiology and the IKL,

we are looking forward to adventurous months at our institute with international guest speakers and classes taught in English. From April – June Sharon Plaskett, Natalie Davenport, Dr. Carla Hannaford and Bill Hubert will be at our institute to teach a variety of classes. This newsletter provides you with the most relevant information.

By the way: the Institute proudly announces our new name ‘Institute for Kinesiology Teaching’. We feel that it represents what the IKL has developed into over the past years, a kinesiology school offering a vast variety of professional tracks and classes for personal development. Enjoy the diversity of classes for your personal growth – professional as well as personal.

 Wishing you an exciting spring, yours

 Renate Wennekes and the IKL-Team


International classes at IKL

14. - 18. April: Sharon Plaskett (USA)

Sharon is the master of brain functionings, trauma work and reflex work in Edu-K. Lisa Wennekes did an interview with her on the classes she is going to teach with us at the IKL, which you can watch here.  

14. April: On Your Marks … Set … Go – the three brains in motion

Presenting the functioning of the brain from our kinesiology view point is one of the key successes for our Brain-Gym ® and Edu-K workshops as well as balances. The more vivid you present the brain, the more you fascinate participants and make them understand, what Brain Gym® is all about. Sharon teaches us, how to grasp and how to present the complex and beautiful knowledge of the brain in a way that ‘your neightbour’ will understand it and will feel empowered.


Students describe their experience in summary:

Impressive, very informative, exciting, I gained both knowledge about myself, and trust in myself. I feel solid in the BG material; thorough, clear, secure. I would love to repeat the course. I think all BG Instructors should take this course. I felt love, depth and the feeling of being carried; learning with the whole body – a new way to discover BG.


15. April: Resilient Reflexes

A workshop exploring three dynamic planes ff Flexion and extension movement in everyday life. The purpose of this course is to present new material that I have been learning as I work with my clients. It is a recent discovery that seems to work with the natural dynamics of flexion and extension and how some of these patterns of movement support us in crucial ways every day of our lives. The reference to “reflexes” is meant to refer to three key Infant Reflexes that help to represent three basic planes of flexion and extension that are expressed within each of us.


16. - 17. April: A.M.S.T.A.R. - Amazing Simple Trauma Release

 „There are things that are so simple and so safe, that everyone can use them“, says Sharon about this new method, which she has developed over the past years. It is a kind of work you do with your hands and with the energetic field that can be used for trauma – physical or emotional.

Connect yourself with your energetic field: simply by holding your hands you create an intelligent energy field, which functions as a mirror to your body and allows the limbic system to self regulate your body. A.M.S.T.A.R. is effective, since we are present, trust in the perfection of the nature of our body and give our body the time it needs in order to reorganize itself and readjust to its very own rhythm.


18. April A.M.S.T.A.R. Instructor

During this 1-day workshop Sharon provides you with the space to learn how to integrate the A.M.S.T.A.R / Interface-Methods in the 5-Steps-Lerning-Modell. You learn and practice how to use the A.M.S.T.A.R work in balancing with clients and how to combine it with Kinesiology protocols like Touch for Health and Brain-Gym®. Enjoy the security and flexibility with A.M.S.T.A.R., which you gain in this 1-day Workshop.

Also, the A.M.S.T.A.R-Instructor-Workshop is the pre-requisite for you to receive the teaching license to teach the 2-day A.M.S.T.A.R. Workshop yourself. You can fulfill the obligatory (to receive the reaching license) repetition of the 2-day A.M.S.T.A.R. Workshop also after doing the instructor training.


4. - 8. Mai: Natalie Davenport: Applied Kinesiology / Bodywork

Nathalie is one of the first Kinesiologists. She has been pivotal in spreading the works of Applied Kinesiology and Touch for Health as a member of the Touch for Health faculty in England. Also, with her work, she has fundamentally contributed to the “Open College of Kinesiology” with its goals to professionalize Kinesiology. In this course you will learn the basic techniques of applied Kinesiology. 


26. - 29. Mai: Dr. Carla Hannaford

Carla Hannaford is one of the leading Kinesiologists using her background as scientists to communicate the ingenious approaches of Kinesiology – to the general public as well as to us kinesiologists. Attending one of her classes is a must, especially if you yourself feel insecure with communicating the functioning of kinesiology to people in your environment, as Carla’s wisdom provides you an entirely new and enriching angle, to the work of Kinesiology.

Her talk on ‘How to be a Good Kinesiology Practitioner - Speech of Carla Hannaford, Ph.D., at the Japan World Kinesiology Conference, in Kyoto, 11th October, 2011.’ provides you with a beautiful inside to her work.


26. - 27. Mai: Playing in the Unified Field – Kinesiology in the 21. Century

We are all unique beings with special gifts on the planet at this time. Living deeply our full potential requires us to embrace, that  we are the masters of our reality and powerful manifesters.To live passionately this curious existence we have manifested, not missing a moment is perhaps our greatest challenge. This course will address your mastery and leave you empowered, through understanding and powerful tools, to fully step into your authenticity and live the wonder of your life each moment.


28. - 29. Mai: Physiological Base of Brain-Gym ®

Dr. Carla Hannaford has spent many years of her career to research the scientific foundations of Brain Gym®. Her knowledge is compromised in this class: receive a comprehensive understanding on Brain Gym® and current state of Neuroscience. Embracing the latest findings in science will provide you with security and confidence in your teachings as well as in individual balancing.


8. - 12. Juni: Bill Hubert: Bal-A-Vis-X

Experience Bal-A-Vis-X in Mönchengladbach/ Germany! The Brain Training with the colorful balls will be taught in Germany once more. From the 8th of June onwards Bill Hubert will continue Bal-A-Vis-X Trainings in Germany. This time around he will teach in the city of Bal-A-Vis-X practitioners Sabine Küsters, Ulrike Müller and Cordula Stark in Mönchengladbach. The classes are especially interesting for those, who have participated in his class twice – they can take part in the special class for experienced Bal-A-Vis-X students. Get an insight to Bal-A-Vis-X here.

Bal-A-Vis-X-Training for adults:

• Friday, June, 10th, 2 pm - 9 pm

• Saturday, June, 11th, 9 am - 6 pm

• Sunday, June, 12th, 9 am - 5 pm

Bal-A-Vis-X for adults with experience:

• Wednesday, June, 8th, 9 am - 6 pm

• Donnerstag, June, 9th , 9 am - 6 pm


Retrospect: IKL International

September 2015: Video coverage of the Internationalen Kinesiology Conferenz in Banff

Lisa Wennekes and Ruben Degendorfer (from the IAK Freiburg) did numerous interviews with renowned international kinesiologists. A real treasure. View them here


January 2016: Renate mentors Elena Kovaleva with Edu-K Indepth in Moscow:

"I was in Moscow this January in order to mentor and supervise Elena for her teaching of her first Edu-K Indepth class. I was touched by her skills and proud to see the fruits of my labor as her mentor. During the past four years we have been able to build up a solid  base for Edu-K in Russia. Elena Kovaleva from Moskau has been engaging in the track to become Edu-K Faculty since 2011. In April she will teach the Brain Gym Instructor class for the first time, which will provide her with all the necessary prerequisites to be elected international faculty at the 2016 International Faculty Gathering in the USA.  An important step for Edu-K in Russia!”


February 2016: Bal-A-Vis-X Training in Frankfurt excites participants from all over Europe

Jane Oliver is the single Bal-A-Vis-X trainer in Europe who founder Bill Hubert granted a license to teach. She fascinated the participants of the Bal-A-Vis-X Training in Frankfurt with her deep understanding of Bills teachings and unique approach to teaching and drawing out the potentials of participants and children. View participant voices.

March 2016: Renate in China -  My impressions of the first greater China Kinesiology Conference in Shenzen

"I just come back from China. I was invited to speak on the first kinesiology conference. Carla, Matthew and the Dennissons - on skype - were speakers, too. Then there were more than ten Chinese speakers including Konrad and Amy. I was impressed by the expertise and the security of muscle checking and working in the educational model.
It was an amazing conference. The energy was light, full of joy and movement. Amy and Konrad had a fantastic team for the organization. Around the conference Matthew, Carla and I taught in different regions. This shows the stability and the growing of kinesiology in China. It is a stable network what Konrad and Amy built. So kinesiology in the educational model has a good future in China. Congratulations."
For more impressions watch a Video of the greater China Kinesiology Conference.