Dear friends and fans of Kinesiology and the IKL,

the new course schedule for the course year August 2016 - July 2017 is out and we are looking forward to exciting seminars with our international guest speakers from around the globe. Right at the beginning we present to you Cecilia Köster (September) and Dr. Wayne Topping (Oktober) at the IKL in Damme (find further details below).

Safe the date: the IKL is going to host the 2018 Internaitonal Edu-K conference and celebrates 35 years of Educational Kinesiology in Germany at the same time. The international Edu-K conference will take place from 12.-15. July 2018 followed by post-conference workshops by renowned international guest speakers. Stay up to date on the International Edu-K Conference 2018 via this Newsletter and via our Website:

  Wishing you an exciting summer, yours

 Renate Wennekes and the IKL-Team


International classes at IKL

Cecilia Köster: Learn simple, safe and effective movement exercises

Cecilia Köster, M.Ed., founder of Movement Based Learning, Inc., is internationally known for her work with children and adults who have special needs. She has worked since 1979 with people of all abilities from minor challenges to those diagnosed with severe challenges. All of her work clearly demonstrates how we can use movement in order to address developmental needs. Cecilia developed Brain Gym® for Special Needs for the Educational Kinesiology Foundation and she now mentors others in how to teach this life-changing course.

Lisa Wennekes talked to Ceciila about her classes. Watch the video here.


*September, 08. - 09: Brain Gym 170 for Special Education Providers

Cecilia Koester has developed a special sequence of exercises and tools on the base of Brain Gym®, which supports people with special needs. She developed these over a period of 15 years and is worldwide one of the leading kinesiologists on this subject matter at hand. In this class you get to know simple, safe and effective movement exercises that invite children and adults in different situations to live their greatest potential. more...


*September, 11:  Instructor in Movement Based Learning on how to teach the Developmental Building Block Activities

This class is the pre-requisite to obtain the instructor licsence for all movement modules from Brain Gym 170®, which Cecilia developed over the past 15 years in her work with children and adults with physical learning challenges. With this instructor liscence you are allowed to teach this particular set of exercises to parents, teachers, therapists and care takers. The teaching licence is granted in an individual process.

Further prerequisites to obtain the instructor liscence are 6 case studies where you applied the movement blocks from Brain Gym 170®, proof of having workexperience with people with special needs, proof of experience in teaching groups and awareness of subject related sensitive use of language. more...


Experience Wayne Topping's great knowledge in Damme!

Wayne Topping, Ph.D. is one of the leading kinesiologists worldwide. He is founder of Wellness Kinesiology and TFH Faculty for Scotland. A former geology professor from New Zealand he participated in a TFH class in 1976, which right away convinced him to make kinesiology a major focus of his holistic health education. Much of his early training was in Biokinesiology, which works with the 12 regular meridians we use in TFH and the eight extra meridians and hundreds of pairs of emotions that affect them. With his Wellness Kinesiology Wayne developed techniques addressing nutritional, structural and emotional ways to balance the body. His biggest contribution has been developing simple effective ways to manage emotional stress, and change beliefs.


*October, 06. - 07. : Nutritional Testing

In this workshop you learn how to use kinesiology in order to determine the basic nutritional needs of your body. Which nutrients are especially important? What food is good to cover those needs? How can we locate deficits via the peripheral nervous system, the skin, bones etc. How do we determine relevant nutrients for organs and tissues that are hyper active? How can we determine whether the imbalance is resulting toxicities in our systems? Dr. Wayne Toppings specialty is Biokinesiology. In this class he provides us with exciting information on the chemical angle of the kinesiology triangle of health. more...


*October, 09 - 10: Allergies/ Intolerances & Sensitivities

This class builds up on the class Nutritional Testing. In this class Wayne Topping introduces us to the workings of Biokinesiology. The founder and teacher of Wayne Topping, John Barton held that allergies and sensitivities are imbalances in our body. In his opinion it was important to find the tissues, muscles and tendons that were imbalanced and to get them back to balance through emotions and nutrients. Wayne used this approach as a base to develop a tool kit to use kinesiology in the work with allergies and sensitivities, which he teaches you in this class. more...


Retrospect: IKL International

Educational Kinesiology on course for success in Russia

On 23rd-25th April 2016 the Russian Institute for Family and Education - a government institution - held a conference with Brain Gym as its core. I participated in the conference as representative of the Edu-K foundation and as a specialist for Developmental Kinesiology. The discussions and presentations of the conference were organised around the right to education and the convention for the rights of disabled people. In how far can educational kinesiology in form of further education for teachers and educators as well as practice for student in every day life help to enact these rights? Together with the support of Elena Kovaleva different solutions were discussed, including the possibilities of including Brain Gym and Developmental Kinesiology in the State Curriculum while remaining open and accessible for the use of the general public and the layperson. These developments are very important for us, thank you for a great conference.