May 2017: Paul Dennison, Ph.D visits Damme 

From May 26th to May 28th  Paul Dennison visits our institute in Damme. He is going to teach the masters class.  Lisa talked to him about his work. Watch part 1 of the interview here

Why is the master class so important for kinesiologists?   By Lisa Wennekes 

 Full of astonishment I bump into empty faces when I talk with excitement about the fact that Paul Dennison is coming to Germany and kinesiologists have the opportunity to learn from him.

And the explanation from kinesiologists, sometimes from the new ones but more often from the experienced ones who have already done so many Brain Gym and Edu-K courses, is that there is not really anything new in the courses.

 I grew up with Brain Gym, Edu-K and the Kinesiology. I should know everything, you might think.

 And yet, it was and is the fact that I have understood the really basic concepts, methods and applications of Brain Gym and Edu-K only in the courses of Dr. Paul Dennison and with every course I do with him, I even learn and understand more.

 Because he has the unique gift to arouse the understanding of the concepts of the Edu-K / Brain Gym in the body of the participants - not exclusively in the head.  An ability I have never experienced with any other Kinesiology lecturer.  In fact, there is not much new in the courses when you look at the list of course content.

Whether experienced or new, we will never be able to learn as much about Kinesiology as in the courses of Dr. Paul Dennison. Is it not the heart of Kinesiology that we learn about experience - with our body?

 I look forward to going on a journey of Kinesiology in our bodies with you, perhaps even on one of the last journeys with Dr. Paul Dennison in Europe.


May, 26-28:  Masters Class Edu-K with Paul Dennison, Ph.D. 


May, 26: 3pm - 8pm

May, 27:  9am - 8pm

May, 28 : 9am - 5 pm

Costs: 680,- €

Info and registration: Master Class Edu-K