Dear friends and fans of Kinesiology and the IKL,

This course year will be special year our institute in Damme. We are hosting the International Edu-K Conference in July 2018 - with keynote speakers from all over the world. Would you like to be there when the world of the Edu-K meets in Damme? Then book your stay at the youth hostel in Damme (we have reserved it completely for our event). Possibly the places are quickly booked. Just send an email to

 In the course year 2017/18, many international lecturers will again attend the IKL. Among other things we offer with Amy Choi an exciting self-drive week on the topic "Authentic Self".

 Renate Wennekes and the IKL-Team


Course shedule

September 2017:

Mathew Thie

• September, 13th-14th: Clinical Touch for HealthTM Joyful Movement Performance and Sport

• September, 15th-16th: Touch for Health® Goal Setting and Metaphor Workshop

• September, 17th: Clinical Touch for HealthTM

Check out our new video with Mathew soon on our Facebook page (@ikl.kinesiology)

Oktober 2017:

Wayne Topping

• October, 19th: Stress release 1

• October, 20th: Stress release 2

• October, 22nd: Energy Centres

• October, 23rd-24th: Working with emotions

November/ December 2017:

Cecilia Koester

• November, 30th: The Building Block Activities

• December, 1st-3rd: Brain Gym 170 for Special Education Providers 

• December, 4th: The Building Block Activities Teachers Class

March  2018:

Amy Choi

• March, 24th-26th: Double Doodle Play - A window to whole brain learning

• March, 26th-30th: Authentic Self

April/May 2018:

Natalie Davenport/ Renate Wennekes

• April, 27th- May, 1st: Applied Kinesiology

Bill Hubert

• May, 10th: Bal-A-Vis-X  for practitioner

• May, 11th-13th: Bal-A-Vis-X for experienced adults and practitioner

• May, 11th-13th: Bal-A-Vis-X for adults

September 2018:

Regina Biere

• September, 7th - 10th: The five elements


IKL International

Come to Germany in 2018! International Edu-K Conference 12. – 22. July 2018, Damme.

The year 2018 will mark 35 years of Educational Kinesiology in Germany! We will celebrate this monumental anniversary by hosting the International Edu-K Conference in Damme, Germany at the Institute for Kinesiology Teachings.

 The world of Edu-K meets up at the IKL in Damme, 2018

The Institute for Kinesiology Teachings is one of the leading Kinesiology institutes in Germany. It is renowned world wide as being the hub for Educational Kinesiology, Developmental Kinesiology and the Accompanying Kinesiology model. It offers high quality workshops, instructor trainings and professional tracks. more....