September: Matthew Thie (USA) at the IKL!

We are very pleased that Matthew Thie will be visiting our institute in September. The son of Touch for Health founder Dr. John F. Thie offers interesting courses that will help you strengthen your personal power and raise your awareness with the simple and brilliant touch-health techniques.

 This is Matthew's videos for the seminars of faith systems and your inner strength as well as joy of movement, performance and sport

  13.-14.09.: Clinical Touch for HealthTM: Joy of Movement, Performance and Sport

A special course developed for athletes but offered to everyone that would like to look at their performance, attitude, commitment to projects and injuries. Each participant takes home ideas with which he can support himself daily.

Watch Matthews video for the course!

  15.-16.09.2017: Touch for Health Metaphors

Matthews top course for all kinesiologists who want to better communicate their goals and use the metaphors even more efficiently in balances. With the intensive work with metaphors, we also develop a greater awareness of our skills. We get, give and observe balances so that we can look at the metaphors work from different angles - a treasure for the client's work!

  17.09.: Clinical Touch for Health ™: Belief systems and your inner strength

Often we do not realize when we are stuck in a particular belief system. Then we also form a certain perception that can constrict us - for example, in relationships, but also when we are working on a particular project. Identifying the specific belief system in which we are stucked, can be very useful for life. In that course, we work with the 5 elements, which stand for certain life phases. We experience what gives us strength, the flow of energy in motion - for a higher consciousness and the ability to make decisions.

Look at Matthews video for the course!

We are lookking forward to meet you at the IKL!

See you soon! Renate Wennekes and the IKL-Team