Renate abroad

Bring Renate Wennekes to your institute for Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K) courses,  Developmental Kinesiology classes or “Me, My Body, and I” Personal Growth classes taught in the Edu-K Model. Benefit from her expertise, enthusiasm, Inspiration and charisma as you promote Edu-K in your hometown, region and country.

Next courses abroad:

Developmental Kinesiology Classes in Moscow

Workshops Relationship Reflexes

25.10.2017 Longing and Burnout – The reflex of longing as a bridge to freedom

26.10.2017 Bonding and Depression – Bonding as a bridge to belonging


27.-29.10.2017 Integration of our Senses

Developmental Kinesiology Classes in China


25.-28.01.2018 – Shanghai – Integration of birth and change

02.-05.02.2018 – Shenzhen – Integration of conception and decision


30.01.2018 – Chongqing – Conception – Your decision making power

31.01.2018 – Chongqing – Pregnancy – Your inner groth and development


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