A feast of music – concert with Ruben Degendorfer

Foto Ruben

With his music, Ruben Degendorfer sends people on a varied journey through their soul and the world. His relaxed and humorous appearance not only fills the stage, but spills over into the audience. The story he tells through song and guitar touches and excites to dance, feel and think. The expressive actor shows himself from different sides and remains open and honest in dealing with the audience and himself. From vulnerability to strength, from humor to seriousness, everything is present in his music and his performance. His texts deal with the beauty and diversity of the world and being. Each of his songs is a declaration of love to the universe. Not only the sounds, but also the silence and the pauses are filled with expression and emotion. Ruben Degendorfer makes the bodies and souls of his listeners vibrate.

His “urge to vibrate” discovered the 25th year old Freiburg shortly before his 18th birthday. Since then he has been burning for music and motivates his listeners with his playful, informal way of getting into the vocals. His memorable choruses encourage singing along and often develop a mantra-like character that lets the singers hear the fire of the music.

Through his numerous training and experience in alternative medicine and energy work, he knows how to open a healing, safe field, the vibration of which is noticeable during and after the concert, and in the eyes of the people.

New in the world of festivals and congresses, the young charismatic is a real insider tip.