3 P.L.A.Y. to breakthrough – Practical Coaching Strategies for Families – Phoebe Long


We live in a fast-paced information and advanced technology era that lead many
young people to grow up with a mindset that they will need to achieve academic
excellence to perform in life. This could lead to the young experiencing STRESS,
which is manifested as learning, behavioural and emotional problems.
The Malaysian National Health Morbidity Survey in 2015 showed that 4.2 million (or
3 out of 10) young adults aged 16 and above had mental health problems, were
depressed or had suicidal tendencies.
The “Breakthru 3 P.L.A.Y. Approach” is a dynamic 3 ripples framework of
empowering process that allows parents, mentors, teachers, family members,
therapists to turn obstacles into opportunities, unlock the innate ability and potential
for learning for these young adults, taking the stress out of their learning equation
with Educational Kinesiology and other collaborative approaches.


Phoebe Long:

A mother of 2 daughters age 15 and 3, Phoebe is the co-founder of Breakthru Enrichment Station, a center that seeks to build upon the abilities of children and
teenagers with special needs and those who learn differently through an organic and transformational approach.
She is also the co-founder of Breakthru Academy, an International Faculty member
of Educational Kinesiology Foundation, USA, teaching the international core curriculum as well as the Double Doodle Play teachers trainer, Professional Kinesiologist of International Kinesiology College, Australia; Faculty member of
Movement Based Learning Inc. USA; Certified Instructor and Consultant of Rhythmic Movement Training International USA; Certified Human Resource Development Fund
(HRDF) Trainer; Member of the Association for Marriage and Family Therapy