A way to ourself – the bond – Celine Imari Sorin


Brain Gym In Depth brings us to explore and get a better understanding of our way of moving to our goals. This workshop is a place to experiment the way we use or feel the bond : the bond to ourself, to the world, to others.Once we have the quick check (as in BG In Depth) we’ll go more deeply in our intimate spheres and larger spheres. As a part of the world, we can feel the link between us and the outside or we may feel disconnected. How can we observe and find some ways to rebuilt this link especially with natural environment.

For all this, we’ll play and observe, we’ll share and put our intentions, we’ll move and learn.


Celine Imari Sorin:

I am a 45 years old happy BG instructor. I teach to primary schools teachers over the past 10 years and gives courses all over France since 2004. I became an international faculty member lately. Through several practices as yin yoga, MLC and others, I started developping a personal way of teaching during some events as a womens festival (ImagYna) and treks in the tunisian desert. Nature is why and how I am developing this workshop.