Autonomous and Solidarity – Monique Babiol

This lecture is in French and will be translated in English.


The workshop I would like to propose comes from a three-day module: “Autonomous and


A tree does not bear two identical leaves. And each leaf in its own way is part of the tree.

It is a theme that is close to my heart and is often invited during sessions for children or adults.

It is the opportunity to integrate, in our body and in consciousness, a systemic intelligence. A

challenge for oneself, for one’s entourage, for the evolution, the future of everyone … and that of

the planet.

Clarify how much autonomy and solidarity are complementary, harmonize them, observe their

impact on posture, breathing, gait, circulation of vital energy, behaviors …

And discover in music new uses of ÉduK.


Monique Babiol:

As a teacher, at the head of a specialized organization for people with failing school, I opened a Kinesiology practice in 1991 and I have given my first Brain Gym classes in 1992. Then I created a center in Avignon which has served as a nursery for professional kinesiologists.

Since then I have been practicing and teaching Kinesthetic Education. I have developed modules from my experience and completing the training offered in Kinesthetic Education. Several of them have been validated by Brain Gym France.