Balance among the Chaos in the daily life – Elena Kovaleva


Balance among the Chaos in the daily life (applying the methods of the Educational Kinesiology in the psychotherapeutic practice of dealing with stress). In the modern world amid natural and social cataclysms increasing of the pace of life brings a negative influence on the level of stress which gets worse by the loss of a tremendous amount of resources due to the lack of time: hobbies, warm-hearted talks with friends and relatives, active rest and the private personal time.

The people who are not related to the kinesiology and psychotherapy by the most part have a feeling that something is wrong, but often blame their own character or personal qualities for that.

An offered way of working with implementing the methods of Educational Kinesiology will quickly help a person to get rid of the negative condition which his personality, his personal self has gotten into. It helps to make a further process of balancing more effective and to achieve the best results in shorter terms.


Elena Kovaleva:

Senior teacher of the international faculty of Educational Kinesiology in Russia, the president of the Interregional Public Organization of Certified Kinesiologists “Association of kinesiology”, THF instructor, Visual Circles instructor, practitioner of the Development Kinesiology, psychologist.