Balancing the Lung Meridian – Conrad Ho


This presentation consists of three parts. Part I is a brief survey of the scene of modern scientific researches on the Meridian System as laid out by traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) in China today. There are 20 major meridians in total, i.e. the Twelve Meridians (supporting bodily operations) and the Eight Extraordinary Meridians (for backup functions). Part II talks about some specific details of the Lung meridian, which is the principal energy supply to the body. Part III is to let the audience experience how Conrad has been balancing the meridian system of the human body, using some techniques that he has developed from those research results and TCM as balancing tools.

Conrad Ho:

Conrad’s mission is to facilitate balance in life, in himself and others. He is working full time in Kinesiology since 1998 to this end. His personal style is simple, sincere and authentic. The workshops he has designed use ordinary life experiences to stimulate reflections to help participants make decisions on their own life paths.  He is an international faculty member of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation; a Touch for Health trainer and an IKC Professional Kinesiologist of the International Kinesiology College.