Being with yourself in the present while working with clients – Token Plaskett


Self accountability of choosing your emotions in the now, changes your reality.

It allows you to respond instead of reacting. You learn that you have a choice.  This is a powerful tool for your own life and your professional work.

As facilitators we acknowledge that people can trust themselves.  When we accompany someone, we share what we know. We invite the client to use these tools to recreate their life, to recognize themselves, to find the code for their treasure box. By reflecting the emotions and noticing what is going on in the now, they can see themselves more clearly.

To be able to respond in a healthy way you feel your survival skills you learned out of love for yourself.  Now you have the tools to be able to respond in a healthy way and transform your life.


Token Plaskett:

Token is from Salt Lake City, Utah. She learned kinesiology from her parents. She actively uses kinesiology for about 25 years. Her priority is to respect what people know about themselves and to support them to recognize their skills. She works with clients of all ages and mainly with trauma survivors. Her tools are Amstar, Interface, TFH, and the 5 elements.