Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Invisible Obstacles, Visible Transformation – Rose Harrow


Sometimes it seems than an external circumstance or societal situation is blocking us, and some call that a „Glass Ceiling.“  You can’t see it, but the sense of being stopped is palpable.

Even when the „Glass Ceiling“ seems „real,“ the key to a breakthrough may be releasing old limiting patterns, shifting our mindset, or using familiar tools in new ways.

We’ll explore:

  • How to uncover blind spots
  • Goals that invite deep transformation
  • Archetypes as keys to breakthroughs
  • How healing money beliefs impacts all parts of your life
  • When to use „the power of not doing“ for transformation

Every obstacle is the opportunity for a breakthrough.


Rose Harrow:

Rose is International Faculty for Brain Gym®® International since 1987, past Executive Director of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation. For over 30 years Rose has facilitated individuals and groups for personal and professional development.

A Certified Master Business Coach, Rose is the creator of the „Authentic Marketing from the Heart“™ Program.  She coaches heart-centered change makers and leaders to create viable businesses aligned with their life purpose, to make a good living while they make a better world.