Breath is Life – Barbara Wards


Balancing the In and Out that can never stop.

If breathing stops, we die very quickly.  If breathing is insufficient, we struggle through life with low energy and low stamina for decades.

But what if that can change by balancing the muscles needed for full symmetry of the In/Out process?  Better still, use surrogate muscles to speak for the ones we can’t access. Even a surrogate person to do it all with the facilitator?

I invented this protocol in my clinic, for young and old, improving the quality of being for many.  It uses Touch for Health corrections for surrogate muscles, embedded in an Educational Kinesiology framework rich with pre- and post-activities.

It is part of a larger workshop I have written. I would like to show you.


Barbara Wards:

Edu-K burst upon me 1984, becoming my passion.

Edu-K International Faculty (New Zealand) 1992, TFH Instructor, 1989.
Secondary teaching evolved into kinesiology teaching and clinic work since 1984.

The Dennison’s attention to movement and pre-activities as part of Edu-K goal setting became priority in all my work. How our feet hit the ground influences everything!

“Breath is Life” is part of a larger body of work I created as an intentional bridge between Edu-K and TFH. For me they must work together.