Dance of Emotions – When the emotional finger greets – Simone Blume


“Without music, man would not have made evolution!” Stefan Koelsch, University of Münster

I am not a music specialist and I do not play an instrument … and yet: I love music!


– seduces, touches, stimulates, calms, makes aggressive, melancholic, ready, …

– lets us experience the full range of our emotions and “releases” feelings – instant, unexpected, unfiltered – and is a great healer.

Of course, in kinesiology we have long known about the magic, power and healing effects of music.

And that is exactly the motivation. I would like to encourage those who may not yet have ventured into using music to use music in any form in their balance or work in general.

What can you expect: theory, movement, balance and of course MUSIC!


Simone Blume:

Simone is originally a teacher. With the training to become an accompanying kinesiologist DGAK, she started her work at the IKL in 2001. The focus of her work is helping people to help themselves. Especially working with families is important to her. In addition to the Edu-K courses, she teaches Susanne Degendorfer’s “Interpersonal Relationship Patterns” and Renate Wennekes’s “My Body and Me” courses. With her presentation at the conference, she fulfills all requirements to become a member of the International Faculty of Educational Kinesiology.