Development can occur at any age, at any time – Kris Huan Jinkun


Even for the adults, especially the parents, to educate a child is something that they have never learned before, but we certainly have to learn how to raise a child. Because to raise a child is quite different from to cooperate with an adult.

So anyone can take the chance to develop himself or herself by raising a child.

According to the classification and guidance of Developmental Kinesiology, each person’s decision making power, connection to the world, inner growth, action and reaction, courage to change, movement through life and creativity can be further modified and perfected through development.

If you would like to have a better life, would you think of to develop again even you are an adult?


Kris Huan Jinkun:

Kris is one of the first tutors in mainland China to obtain the qualification of the IKC as a registered Touch for Health instructor. After he became a licensed Brain Gym Instructor and Consultant, introduced the Developmental Kinesiology into China.which was founded by Ms. Renate Wennekes. Now he is the Agent of Developmental Kinesiology in China.

Kris has a lot of experience in balancing with the children and the parents.