EMOTIONAL STAR into the class, groups, personal – Isabel Compan Fernández


Emotions are always present and alive.
Emotions need to be processed in order to be integrated into our system.
We can take advantage or react in front of them. What do you decide?
This proposal is a personal approach based on my experience with immigrant students in BCN.
I applied the Shen and Ko cycles to process emotions of the 5 elements during the school year.
This work offer different resources and can be applied to students/groups/personally….
Nowadays this an approved course by Personal Development School of IKC.

Isabel Compan Fernández:

Kinesiologist Instructor of TFH and creator of The Emotional Star (processing Emotions through the 5 elements), book and course.

Spain IF of Brain Gym®®, Edu-K®. Instructor Training in BG, OBO, VC, BG in D, Practicum, DD, Hands On, MBL Learning Building Blocks for Special Needs, RMTi® Rhythmic Movements, NLP and Bach Flowers. AVES Collaborator (Emotional Education for DUEL) Translator of the Training Manuals into Catalan: BG 101®; OBO®; CV®; BG in D®; Practicum®; DD®, Hands On® RMTi 1&2®. Book: Brain

Gym for teachers; Pòsters: Brain Gym®; Mov Integration, CV; Teacher, Licensed of Philosophy and Education Sciences.