Find the courage to be yourself! – Anja Hamouda


This is all about my experience with Kinesiology abroad. The cultural differences abroad and lack of a social network make life not easy as woman in another country. But since my first Kinesiology workshop “Serious fun with reflexes” with Brendan O’Hara my life has completely changed. After this experience, I’ve met many other fantastic instructors and started my Kinesiology career. I found my joy in working with children because they are playing naturally that is why a lot of blockages melted. Finally I accepted myself as I am and life became more fluent.

Anja Hamouda, originally from Germany is a licensed Brain Gym® Consultant/Instructor as well as Developmental Kinesiology© Consultant/Instructor for the workshops Senses, Reflexes, Motor skills and Speech & Hand Dexterity. For TFH© and RMT™ she is a certified Practitioner. She created her own label ABCDe Kinesiology and the ABCDe Games in the nature. The Facebook page Kinesiology Dubai and the group Brain Gym® Middle East was founded by her to connect people in this region. Now she has her own office in France.