Is self-healing possible and if so, why and how is this possible? – Bernhard Studer


Emotional evolution is a method of self-healing. This method provides access to the three ways of thinking about the thinking, the sensations and the muscle test in order to discover stress in the cooperation of the three ways of thinking and thus open a way for the dismantling of the energetic blockages. The consequence of this is that the reflexes that determine our lives change immediately. The feeling also changes and also the thinking changes immediately.

3 steps for self-healing are necessary:

  1. Finding the energetic challenge or the real problem.
  2. The solution in the subconscious.
  3. The liberation of the solution to transform the solidification into a movement.

Every human being has the solution in his subconscious for every challenge in this life. Every person is perfect at all times. This lecture builds on these laws of nature.


Bernhard Studer:

Founder of Emotional Evolution, a method that easily changes the reflexes of behavior. Active in kinesiology for over 30 years, now retired but fresher in spirit than ever, more agile in the body and closer to his own emotions than ever before. My dream to manage a stationary center, which opens and implements the effective and fast recovery path for the “chronically ill” has come true. I am pleased.

Personally, I am researching the following questions: How does the human being really work, how does the human being learn and how does the person get sick or healthy.