Kinesiology 4 Numeracy – Sue Peace


Kinesiology 4 Numeracy (K4N) addresses the physical movements that are the foundations for mathematical learning. The course aims at making a match between the mathematical/numerical concepts necessary to learn and the movements that can support this learning.

We begin with the concept of the quantity of “five” and use “Think of an X” as a base for the meaning of number. This connects to how children spend hours playing and counting with their fingers and learning about number.

How can someone tell the time if they have poor binocular vision that distorts clock symmetry or are confused by concepts such as left/right, clockwise and anticlockwise?

K4N uses goal setting and Brain Gym®® movements to address many key issues and support mathematical understanding.


Sue Peace:

Sue is a Brain Gym® Instructor and educator with over 40 years of teaching experience in Australia and U.K.  Her work involves teaching in primary, secondary and higher education sectors as well as providing support in the workplace for employees. Sue is employed as a specialist mathematics/literacy teacher and assessor of Specific Learning Difficulties at Bangor University, Wales. She also teaches on the Masters of Education program and regularly presents to teachers about Brain Gym®® and Specific Learning Difficulties in Mathematics.