Lengthening the Lengthening Activities – Kay McCarroll


In this workshop Kay will take you through the Lengthening Activities in an exciting way that relates to how they work with the body, how these exercises expand breathing, help with the cranial bones, eye muscle strain; relate to different muscle systems that help with body functions, and much more. An advantage of these exercises is to see how they work with many physical problems.  Kay combines the Edu-K process with her Chiropractic knowledge of the body, thus giving more background to the benefits of these Brain Gym activities. This is a “very much hands on” workshop and you will have a balance and be able to take the information away with you and use it from day one.


Kay McCarroll:

Kay was introduced to Brain Gym in 1983 after she had found that she is Dyslexic.  After training with Gail and Paul Dennison, she  began teaching Brain Gym in 1986, became International Faculty Member for UK in 1989, has taught in many countries and mentored several people from these countries to Faculty level. It was using Brain Gym that enabled her to become a McTimoney Chiropractor.  She brings a wealth of Kinesiology and Chiropractic information to her teaching.