Messages of our body – Symptoms as a symbol – Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke


Everything that has shape and form in this world also has content and meaning. Of course, that also applies to our body. Every region and organ has its significance as much as any disease. A stomach ulcer eats like a crater in the depths, a cancer grows like a cauliflower in all directions, a break shows the interruption of continuity. Behind the healthy structures as well as the clinical pictures there are patterns or life principles. Plato said there was an idea behind every thing. This level of ideas is our goal. Anyone who sees through and understands this level of life principles or archetypes can heal, prevent and make intentions work.


Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke:

Dr. med. Ruediger Dahlke, since 1979 physician and seminar leader, additional training as a physician for naturopathic healing and study of homeopathy.
He became known to the public primarily as the author of books on holistic psychosomatics (from “illness as a way” to “illness as a symbol”) and vegan diet (from “peace food” to “mystery of life energy”), but also with his bestsellers on the spiritual worldview (from “The Laws of Fate – Rules of the Game” to “The Shadow Principle” to “The Life Principles”).
With online fasting as part of the LebensWandelSchule, he accompanies thousands of people each fasting every spring and autumn.

As a lecturer and seminar leader, the bestselling author is internationally active and one of the most prominent personalities in the field of holistic health. His last book was written together with his first wife Margit: “The Hollywood Therapy – what movies tell about our soul”