Mirror neurons – Britta Baumgart


Mirror neurons are so important in our lives! As infants, they are the first means by which we make contact with our mother (or a significant caregiver). They bring us into relationship and enable us to learn. In addition, they accompany us throughout our lives in learning and in relating to our fellow human beings. In my professional work, I have developed a kinesiology course based on mirror neurons as well as a method by which one can balance them. Interestingly, the method whether the mirror neurons are over-energy or under-energy. The human system seems to be balanced between achieving a specific goal and an ability to do so based on the current state of development.

Britta Baumgart:

Britta Baumgart was born in Lower Saxony, north of Hanover in 1976. After working as a physiotherapist she engaged in the study of Education as well as diploma pedagogy—the art and science of teaching. She currently works as a school welfare worker at the city of Wilhelmshaven. Britta believes that kinesiology is an indisputable combination of physiotherapy and pedagogy. In her work, she supports children, and especially their parents with kinesiology.