Movement & Development: Foundation for Life and Learning – Lisa Marcovici


The Brain Gym® activities are used in the academic setting to reinforce reading, writing, memory, attention and focus; by supporting fine and gross motor skills, helping to organize vision, listening, physical coordination and balance. When the Motor-Sensory organization for these skills is not available; parents, teachers, educators and therapists search for tools to reinforce the foundation necessary for learning.

This short introduction presents some of the tools offered in the full one-day workshop to support development at every stage of the development sequence.

We combine Brain Gym® and other modalities to explore the connection between primitive reflexes, developmental movement patterns and sensory-motor processing. Based on Carol Ann Erickson’s extensive Movement Exploration work, Harold Blomberg’s Rhythmic Movements, Educational Kinesiology techniques and over fifteen years of my own personal experience.


Lisa Marcovici:

Formerly an architect, Lisa became a licensed Brain Gym®® instructor in 2006. Her workshops have been presented to schools, daycares, literacy groups, Multiple Sclerosis & aphasic associations, several Quebec Universities like UQAM, Concordia and McGill, all across Canada, the United States, Japan and Europe. In 2015 she was elected member of the Brain Gym® International Faculty, working in both English and French; her goal is to make Movement Based Learning accessible to everyone in a fun and practical way.