My Body, my Stage – Renate Wennekes


My body is nature, it is human.  We are only able to feel happiness, satisfaction and well-being with our human bodies.

When I listen to my human nature, I am myself, I am in the moment, I understand myself, the situation and others.  I can act and react to planned as well as unplanned, unforeseen events or circumstances.

What happens if I do not respect the laws, rules and framework nature provides? These days, we can observe this easily:  Life on earth has evolved over billions of years according to certain laws. The original living things such as bacteria, worms and insects are still to be found, as well as the organisms based on them such as birds, fish and reptiles, then the quadrupeds and the crown of creation: man.

But what has not happened yet, is a living entity that has grabbed the entire earth for itself and ruthlessly proceeded to destroy the living conditions here. At first it only hit the mammals and the reptiles. Some became extinct while others faced the threat of extinction. Increasingly fish, birds, insects such as bees, ants, grasshoppers, butterflies and beetles are being affected. How clean have our windshields become, how quiet is the air and the water in so many places?

Renate Wennekes:

Renate Wennekes is director of the Institute of Kinesiology (IKL) in Damme. In Germany she is a “kinesiologist of the first hour”. Since the beginning of the 80s she has been spreading kinesiology with diverse seminars, balances and trainings. Hundreds of people have learned the trade of kinesiologist BK DGAK certified at IKL. Her special commitment is self-help and learning support for children and adults in Germany and around the world. So she is considered one of the leading lecturers for the Edu-K in Germany. Her developmental kinesiology is enthusiastically received internationally. Renate herself went and travels a lot to teach around the world. Her daughter Lisa accompanied her a lot. Her work enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. She is involved in several national and international organizations of Kinesiology, structured the training for Kinesiologist DGAK certified and established two own Kinesiologiichtungen. She is a faculty member of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, a member of the Advisory Board of the German Society for Applied Kinesiology (DGAK), the Professional Association of German Kinesiologists, the working group accompanying kinesiologists, the Working Group of Supervisors, heads the Regional Group Osnabrück of the DGAK and is a founding member of the Edu- Kinestetik for self-help.