News from Brain Research: Information and Information Transfer in the Therapeutic Process


The Stuttgart Institute for Communication and Brain Research works with an advanced EEG-spectralanalytical measurement method, with which acoustically evoked potentials and event-related potentials are measured. This way, functional processes of the brain can be visualized online. Over an accurate time protocol the activations can be assigned to the respective triggering stimuli.

This diagnostic method is used in the Institute not only in research, but also to diagnose blockages, disorders and other impairments of brain performance. The measurements allow statements to be made about individual relationships of information acquisition and processing processes. Also emotional processes, experienced traumas and extraordinary processes of consciousness can be analyzed by specific vibration patterns.

Parallel measurements of physician / patient, therapist / client, teacher / student allow communication and interaction processes to be measured and displayed online at the level of brain correlates.

On the basis of the measurement, an individual neuroactive music for the respective client can be created in the institute, with which the rhythmic endogenous rhythmics can be harmonized and learning windows in the brain can be opened for plastic reorganization.

This method is not only useful for overcoming cerebral damage and helping with degenerative diseases, but also for learning and performance optimization. Pupils, students, managers, top performers and athletes of all sports use this method.

The Institute for Communication and Brain Research:

The lecturers Christl Brucher, Uta Butterweck and Karin Huber are scientific assistants at the Institute for Communication and Brain Research in Stuttgart.