Developing Noticing – The Key to Self- Management, Growth and Empowerment – Carol Ann Erickson


Our first learning opportunity in life is Experience. Experience happens before intellect. It is the foundation on which we grow and develop. Throughout our lives we continue to experience our state of being in our body. This natural and continual process of noticing our body experience invites us to seek and maintain balance in our life. At times, we have disconnected from our body experience in an attempt to overide for intellectual learning. In this presentation we wil explore, play and reconnect to the noticing skills of our experience in learning.

As Paul Dennison points out in the Brain Gym 101 manual (page 5, second paragraph, first sentence)

There is no more important skill to be gained from the Brain Gym experience than Noticing.


Carol Ann Erickson:

Carol Ann is a member of the International Faculty of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation.  Over the past twenty eight years, Carol Ann has successfully used this specialized program with educators and athletes. She has organized specialized courses into the Movement Exploration Series. The five courses in this track, Brain Gym for Movement, Dance, and Sports Performance and Movement Exploration I thru IV, provide new insight and tools to enhance movement and learning performance. Recently, Carol Ann started training future instructors for this tract. She has over forty-five years’ experience as a private instructor and public school teacher at the elementary, secondary, and university levels. Along with teaching comes a strong background of thirty five years’ coaching experience at all levels, from recreational to Olympic athletes. Carol Ann has been a guest speaker and clinician at high schools, colleges and recreational youth programs, both in the U.S and internationally .