Playing for the fun of it – Isabell Compan & Sigrid Loos


In this hands on workshop you will learn how to create a positive group climate through non-competitive, movement based activities for all ages. Cooperative games are based on the principle that nobody loses or is excluded from the play. They are simple, don’t need specific materials and can be adapted to all ages and challenges. Come lets have fun playing together and moving our bodies.


Sigrid Loos:

Sigrid has a 30 year’s experience of teaching teachers and Educators in cooperative games for social learning and has written several books in Italy and Malawi. She is a licensed Brain Gym®, OBO, Visioncircles and Movement Dynamics and DDPlay Instructor and since 2011 International Faculty of Educational Kinesiology in Italy.

Isabell Compan:

Isabel is a retired Primary school teacher and licensed Brain Gym®, OBO, Visioncircles, Hands on, TFH and RMTI Instructor and International Faculty for Spain since August 2011.

We both had the chance to work together during various conferences in the past and are looking forward to present this workshop together and to share our fun and playful