Please smile! – Irmgard Schein


Teeth can be viewed from different angles. We start very small, toothless and unable to bite something solid, so depending on a liquid-soft food source. With the first baby teeth comes the power and it develops the little doer. However, teeth are not just a chewing tool. In today’s media world, they are also attractive. The question of survival, whether I have something to chew, is suppressed by aesthetic considerations, especially the desire for a radiant smile. But can that really convince? This time, the question of the correct tooth position should not be asked. Find out how Rosalinde flowers can help you achieve a radiant smile, even with crooked or missing teeth, as an expression of inner satisfaction. “Please smile!”


Irmgard Schein:

In 2005, Irmgard Schein completed the training ‘Accompanying Kinesiology DGAK’ at the IKL in Damme and during this training she wrote her specialist work on teeth, The Right Bite ‘. She is always fascinated by how the themes of everyday life are reflected in her teeth and can lead to surprising discoveries. She has the ability to make playing with the tooth cards in combination with many other systems and tools a living experience.