Silence brings strength – Maria Obermair


Although sleeping as well as breathing, eating and drinking is one of the basic necessities of life, it loses importance in the “always-on society”. How can one be strong in the long run if the body does not find its rest at night?

The night determines the day. If you are operational from early morning until late at night and do not care about breaks and restful sleep, your energy system will be weakened. Do you feel a drop in performance during the day or do mistakes occur while working? Do YOU have less strength, endurance and motivation? Solve your sleep problems and give your sleep more meaning. That can be the key factor for energy, health and success.

Today, in this hectic time, I point out the importance of sleep and show how to coach yourself to sleep well.


Maria Obermair:

Faculty of Breakthroughs International (Formerly Educational Kinesiology Foundation), Brain Gym® / Edu-K Trainer / Switched-On Golf / Touch for Health Trainer, Kinesiologist, Health, Sleep & Wellbeing Expert and Book Writer of “The Perfect Night”.
For years, everything revolves around sleep. Whether sleep problems, jet lag or pitfalls during night duty … As a kinesiologist, I can grab into a huge treasure chest with techniques, tools and exercises – a real treat for the tormented!
Over time, I have been able to do good to many people. I summarized my know-how in the book “The perfect night”. It serves bad sleepers as a self-coaching book.