„SPIRITUAL NAVEL-CORD” Conversations with the baby – Köves Zsuzsanna


First of all I would like to express my acknowledgments to two Hungarian psychotherapist  Dr. Hidas György and Dr. Raffai Jenő, who were pioneers of the analysis of relationship of the embryo and mother and in creating the “spiritual navel-cord” theory.

The latest research shows that before birth the babies can be moved to the optimal development path, and can be prepared to the pains of the birth. It is also an important fact to consider,  that in many cases even the biological processes can be stopped, such as the premature atrophy of the placenta, or it is possible to prevent the early rupture of the caul.


Köves Zsuzsanna:

Philosopher-teacher, qualified kinesiologist, kinesiologist teacher / instructor

Member of the Expert Committee run by the Hungarian Ministry of Health

President of the Hungaria Kinesiology Fundation

Dean of the Hungarian Professional Kinesiology School

Member of the International Faculty of the EDU-K Foundation, Professional Kinesiology of the IKC,

Touch for Health instructor & assessor

Touch for Health Metaphoren instructor

Brain Gym teacher

EDU-K OBO instructor

Stress Release advenced instructor

Three in One Concepts advanced trainer

Brain Formatting instructor