The Actor Prepares – Mirroring in Role Play – Amy Choi


Role play is an integral part of many therapies. It is also an integral part of the 5-step balancing process of Edu-K, in which the person being balanced, i.e. the client, will put his/her goal into action in the pre and post activities.  Usually a group from the class will “act” in the roles of the other people in the client’s life.  There is also an “audience” who observe and give feedback to the role play, and the director, who is the balance facilitator.

The Actor Prepares: Mirroring in Role Play will explore the inner preparation that an “actor” may undergo in a balancing session in order to fully prepare for reflecting and exploring a role to the full.


Amy Choi:

Amy from Hong Kong has been a kinesiologist since 1998.  She is an international faculty for both Touch for Health and Brain Gym. She has been pioneering an intuitive balancing technique which she now called Ming’s Mirror Method. The courses she wrote, mainly Qigong Movement Balances Series and the Authentic Self Series have become an integral part of a workshop programme called Qinesiology. Amy has taught in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany, Japan, United States, Malaysia and Indonesia.