The human voice – body, soul and spirit tune it – Heike Machan


Our voice has an influence on our success and fortune in life. She acompanies us daily – a life long. The whole body with ti’s complex system influences her tone. She is our personla calling card and a mirror for thoughs, feelings and our soul. The human voice is one of the strongest expression our own personality.

Which possibilities do we have in Kinesiology to integrate this knowledge in the balance proces? A lot: Each balance influences the voice. Think of the change in the tone of the voice during goal setting, the preactivity and postactivity when your voice, your goal, during the role play and during noticing. Let us use these connections consciously in our balance work.


Heike Machan:

Heike is a Kinesiologist DGAK certified. She loves to practice Kinesiology. Her motto is ” balance with heart“.

Since 2006 she practices Kinesiology. What started as a hobby is now her profession, her vocation. It is important further to bring back the potential that each human being has inside – you too – and to admiere together this wonder.