The Key To A Fulfilling Life: Your Limbic Brain – Paula Oleska


What makes a life fulfilling? Relationships. What governs relationships? Your limbic brain. What develops your limbic system? Emotions.

In this presentation participants will learn to understand their limbic brains and make friends with them.  They will learn a new understanding of emotions and a new way to work with them. They will learn where play, imagination and sense of humor come from and what to do have more of them.

This presentation will include an overview of the current research and why it considers the limbic brain development crucial.


Paula Oleska:

Paula is one of the Brain Gym pioneers, and International Faculty since 1994, (currently  Emerita).
She introduced Brain Gym to Poland, resulting in over 10,000 people using it there.  Paula has a busy practice in New York City, using her own new approach to creating breakthroughs in working with emotions, recovery from trauma and resolving conflicts. She is the author of three books and an audio program “Your Secret Brain”. She frequently speaks at the Brain Gym conferences.