The Lazy Eight – more than a Brain Gym® – exercise – Mag. Christian Dillinger


The Lazy Eight- a class of its own. The infinity sign of mathematics is the symbol bearer in many areas of our lives: it represents a flow sign, the connection of two elements, the sign of a loving connection between the two brain hemispheres – and body halves. It is a symbol of the crossing and crossing of the center line as well as the cooperation of both sides and much more.

In school projects, the Lazy Eight can be used in a variety of ways: to analyse movement and to initiate this connection and to improve the flow of movement in learning in all circumstances. In addition to the basics of movement, as they may be important for Brain Gym® users, the lecture will show ways in which we can use the Lazy Eight in a variety of ways. We get a deep insight into processes of our life and learning that are hardly describable in a conventional way.


Mag. Christian Dillinger:

Christian is a Sport- and movement specialist, on his way to become a psychotherapist, Cranio-sacral therapist (Upledger), Kinesiologist, International Faculty Edu-K and Hyperton-X, TFH-Instructor, Director of the Moving Institute in Graz, individual balancing.