The physical and the etheric brains are partners – Doris Köhler


Our entire physical body is permeated and surrounded by a much finer substance called the etheric body. This contains information and serves as a mediator and converter of various energies.
He is the framework on which the physical body is built. This ether also permeates and envelops our brain. Before external and internal impressions reach our brain, they pass the ether. If it is damaged, deformed, strained or frozen in any way, the collaboration with the physical counterpart is disturbed.


Doris Köhler.

Doris, born 1958, belongs to the kinesiologists of the first hour. She started in 1983 and has been working for 30 years in Berlin as an instructor for Brain Gym®, Touch for Health, Three in One and Transformation Kinesiology, as well as in her healing practice with kinesiology. She balances people and horses. Her heart’s desire is to free the inner joy of learning, which then becomes a source of strength. Her special interest is the exploration and harmonization of the connections of the subtle etheric and the physical body.