The Power of the Pause – Moira Dempsey


When working with clients they often have times when they need to pause to allow the system to get used to the changes that are happening.

There are many physiological indicators when it is necessary to pause. Learning these indicators and recognising when it is safe to move on is a useful skill to learn and practice.

The pause is a very power place for change to happen and a new level of safety to be found.


Moira Dempsey:

Moira has taught RMT since 2005, and been interested in and studying various primitive reflexes integration programmes since 1997. She is  also a Brain Gym and Touch for Health instructor and has studied many branches of kinesiology.

As co-founder of RMTi she has an extensive and sound knowledge of the role primitive reflexes play in laying the foundations of later learning and emotional behavioural development.

She is co-author of the book Movements that Heal published in 2011.