The Relationship between Retained Primitive Reflexes and Sensory Integration – Claire Hocking


Do you see clients with retained primitive reflexes who also have sensory integration issues?
Are many of their senses under sensitive or over sensitive?

Primitive reflex maturation and sensory processing cannot be separated. Inefficient sensory intake occurs when we either take in too much or too little information. This is then compounded with immature retained reflex responses. The results are not being able to react, behave or learn in meaningful, appropriate ways. For the most positive outcomes, it is crucial that retained reflexes and sensory integration are balanced together. In this presentation Claire will share research, personal knowledge and experience in working with retained reflexes and sensory integration dysfunction. Learn which Brain Gym® movements mature and integrates each of the senses and retained reflexes.


Claire Hocking:

Claire is an Australian Educational Kinesiologist and Brain Gym® Instructor who works in private consulting clinics with children and adults of all ages. Claire has extensively taught and used Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym® in preschools, primary and secondary schools, special developmental centers, health centers, and nursing homes for almost 30 years. Claire specializes in researching the link between retained primitive reflexes and sensory dysfunction.  Claire teaches many of the certified Educational Kinesiology courses including In-Synch: Integrating the Senses using Brain Gym®.