The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) as a Catalyst for Educational Improvement – Jackie Lysaght


Instructors and students are doing amazing teaching and learning work in kinesiology classrooms. However the evidence is often kept private and if our work is not documented it can disappear in the moment. SoTL encourages us to open up and go beyond excellent and scholarly teaching by making it visible, open to peer review, and available for others to build on. I will present examples of my recent kinesiology teaching and learning research studies and we will also explore how we could use SoTL to start a conversation and discussion about teaching and learning in kinesiology.


Jackie Lysaght:

Jackie is the Principal of Harmony Holistics Kinesiology College in Nenagh Ireland, where she has been running a Diploma in Kinesiology for thirteen years. She started her career with a Degree in Financial services working for twenty years in banking, before training as a Kinesiologist. She is a Touch for Health, Wellness Kinesiology & Phytobiophysics Instructor. She is passionate about teaching and in 2016 she obtained an MA in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education from University College Cork.