The Science and Magic of Oneness – Carla Hannaford


As Brain Gym practitioners,  our greatest gift is empowering ourselves and others to remain resilient and coherent in an ever changing and sometimes violent world.  We share our gifts of movement, vibration and connectedness through touch and coherent presence.  We will explore how our work assists  the Unified Field and personally leads us and our clients to greater growth and healing as we passionately live this one precious life.


Carla Hannaford:

Carla is a biologist, educator and author with more than thirty years  experience including professor of biology, counselor for elementary and intermediate Special Ed school children, and award winning consultant  to 50 countries, having  been cited in over 1,000 books and journals and presented at least that many workshops on the importance of movement, music, and heart coherence.  She has been a Brain Gym practitioner since 1985.

She is the author of four books:  SMART MOVES, THE DOMINANCE FACTOR,  AWAKENING THE CHILD HEART, and PLAYING IN THE UNIFIED FIELD, and the co-author of the DVD’s: Education In Motion,  and Emotions: Gateway to Learning (with Candace Pert).

Carla lives with her musician husband in Montana.