Using Building Block Activities to Handle Development Movement Patterns – Cecilia Köster


“All learning is based on our ability to build patterns from sensory information. (Hannaford, Carla. Awakening the Child Heart. 2002.)
Pattern building begins in-utero. After birth we can remind the mind/body system how to “find” or practice these patterns again so learning can take place more easily.
In this session we will learn and practice three of the Building Block Activities so you will be able to use them in your practice.


Cecilia Köster:

Cecilia (USA) is internationally known for her work with children and adults with special needs. She has a deep connection to the people she works with. As the challenges in learning and also in working with people with disabilities increase, Cecilia’s work offers approaches for effective self-help and balance. In her teaching she concentrates on teaching her specialized exercises and provides a deep understanding of them.