What happens if the bonding is missing? – Berrie v.d. Wittenboer-Beier


The kinesiological support of children with behavioral problems and learning problems.

I became a foster mother after I had started training as an accompanying kinesiologist for half a year.
I was not soooo young anymore and as an educator I already had a lot of experience and competence about what children need …… ..I thought !!!

All of a sudden, all I needed was a sling and not our super-duper sports cart!

Berrie v.d. Wittenboer-Beier:

Born and raised in the Netherlands, since 1992 in Germany, first profession: educator, occupation in NL, as well as in Bremen in social foci,
1999-2010 Founding and Head of the BUND Waldkindergarten Harpstedt
1991-2010 caring for foster-adoptive children, as well as behavior-sensitive children in daycare groups
2012-2015 training as a kinesiologist BK DGAK certified
Since 2013 foster mother, our foster son came with 8 months to us in the family.