You’ve Got to Move it, Move it! – Mariah-Jane Thies


In this fun and lively workshop we will be experiencing and exploring the “Brain Dance. The “Brain Dance” is based on the 6 developmental movement patterns human beings move through in the first year of life to wire the central nervous system so that the brain can operate at its full potential. The baby does his or her own “Brain Dance” very naturally in the first 12 months of life, culminating with the neurologically advanced Cross-Crawl.
The “Brain Dance” is a great way of having fun “dancing” through the developmental stages with the addition of tactile and vestibular stimulation, and can be done in as little as 5 minutes, preparing the brain-body to relax and/or focus.

We will explore a sitting and standing version for kids, teens and adults, as a way to ensure any neurological gaps are filled in through the necessary movement. A great supplement to the Brain Gym 26 movements.
**Brain Dance, creator Anne Green Gilbert


Mariah-Jane Thies:

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Mariah-Jane has a long and varied background in music and dance spanning over 35 years, with additional specialization in Brain Dance, Laban, Brain Gym and Rhythmic Exercise Training. She draws threads from all areas of her training to create the Grow Up SmART Material for Kids and the Teenage Program and incorporates these into her unique teaching methods in Ballet and Modern. Mariah-Jane is an off-cast ballet teacher at the Royal Academy of Dance. She has a degree as a dance teacher with Grant MacEwan and is a certified Evans Laban teacher. She is also a licensed Brain Gym Consultant and a Certified Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training (BRMT) Consultant. She also moderates events such as The International Somatics-Based Dance Training Conference in New York and the Healthy Dancer Canada Conference.