Post Conference Courses

From Monday, July 16 to Friday, July 20 the post conference courses will take place at the hostel in Damme. Here is an overview of all courses with details and the link to the booking.


Monday, July 16th 2018 and Tuesday, July 17th 2018

Dr. Paul Dennison – The Dennison Approach to Whole Brain Learning – for beginners and Instructors

Dr. Paul Dennison is an educator, a pioneer of functional brain research and global capacity in terms of cognitive performance and reading skills. His clinical studies in the US on the causes of learning problems led to the development of Educational Kinesiology. Together with his wife Gail Dennison he developed the Brain Gym® exercises. These are used in more than 80 countries worldwide and have been translated into 40 languages. For his exceptional work with children, teachers, and written language acquisition, the Dennisons received in 1999 the “Reading Excellence through the Arts” Award from the International Reading Association. Reading is one of the most complex skills that our brain learns. Mostly it works well. But how is that possible? With Dr. Dennison, we will discover valuable techniques to encourage reading comprehension and rediscover the joy of learning and reading.

It’s about:

• Understanding the challenge we all have in learning and reading

• The importance of dominance patterns and learning styles for success in reading

• The love of reading and learning

• The fluid reading

• Teaching strategies especially for the first reading process

• Methods to support reading and learning in the family

• The discovery of how we can respect the learner’s needs and his learning PACE and how the difficulties eventually turn into success

It is a pleasure to provide from Dr. Dennison’s 35 years of experience in this field.

COURSE FEE: 330,00 €




Monday, July 16th 2018 and Tuesday, July 17th 2018

Carla Hannaford – Playing in the Unified Field

We are all unique beings with special gifts on the planet at this time. Living deeply our full potential requires us to embrace, that we are the masters of our reality and powerful manifesters. To live passionately this curious existence we have manifested, not missing a moment is perhaps our greatest challenge. This course will address your mastery and leave you empowered, through understanding and powerful tools, to fully step into your authenticity and live the wonder of your life each moment.

Carla’s course, which is also based on her book “Playing in the Unified Field,” gives us the latest scientific insights in brain science and quantum physics that validate kinesiology while giving participants a deep background on the value of kinesiology balancing.

Course founder: Carla Hannaford, Ph.D.

For more information:

COURSE FEE: Early Bird until 16.04.2018 252,00 €, after that 280,00 €




Monday, July 16th 2018 til Wednesday, July 18th 2018

Marina Gieshoidt – Integration of Birth and Change

This class provides you with the opportunity to reconnect to your birth. At the same time you learn about the relevance of natural child bearing and childbirth. Finding and experiencing the passage and path through the birth canal is one of the central experiences of our early childhood. What if it was not possible for us to take this natural path?

Birth has occurred in women and has been attended by women from time memorial. If this process gets interrupted in can impact our body, emotions, and spirit for a lifetime. Balancing our birth also influences our adaptability to new situations. As Kinesiologist you learn to prepare and accompany births with kinesiology.

From the class contents: birth as bridge between water and air • change in perception • bonding • preparation of birth • birth process • adaptation of the baby’s processes • balances

Course founders: Renate Wennekes and Angelika Stiller

COURSE FEE: Early Bird until 16.04.2018 351,00 €, after that 390,00 €




Wednesday, July 18th 2018 til Friday, July 20th 2018

Sharon Plaskett – On Your Mark … Get Set Go!!

A playful and easy to understand presentation of Edu-Kinestetic especially the brain dimensions.

Presenting the functioning of the brain from our kinesiology view point is one of the key successes for our Brain-Gym ® and Edu-K workshops as well as balances.

The more vivid you present the brain, the more you fascinate participants and make them understand, what Brain Gym® is all about. Sharon teaches us, how to grasp and how to present the complex and beautiful knowledge of the brain in a way that ‘your neighbour’ will understand it and will feel empowered.

Sharon Plaskett is a master at teaching from a kinesiological point of view the connections that take place in our brain.

Sharon’s goal in developing the course was to convey the knowledge of the brain areas to the man and the woman “on the road.” The course is a good refresher for all those who work with Edu Kinestetik and a practical supplement to the knowledge of our brain dimensions. The title of the course “On your marks, set, go!” Refers to 3 brain areas and their relationship to learning and movement. A course for those who want to understand the brain and how it works. Sharon’s comments on how the brain works under stress are particularly interesting. For example: How the language disappears and how to find your way back to yourself.

From the content:

  • 3 areas of the brain and the names, parts and general functions of each area,
  • practical application of knowledge in partner work,
  • Discussion about the transfer of knowledge to different target groups, possibility of presenting a part of the course

Info for instructors of:

  • Brain-Gym®, Edu-Kinestetic and Optimal Brain Organization.

This course is an enrichment for your work and the best “advertisement” for Brain-Gym ® & Co, which of course you as an instructor can pass on to the (potential) participants. This training qualifies Brain-Gym ® instructors to teach the course. Is that true?

Course founder: Sharon Plaskett

COURSE FEE: Early Bird until 16.04.2018 351,00 €, after that 390,00 €




Wednesday,  July 18th 2018 til Friday, July 20th 2018

Konrad Ho – Ying Yang Balances

Put simply, the yin-yang dichotomy can be interpreted as the polarity spectrum that is normally represented by positive and negative, left and right, up and down, etc. Polarity makes it easy to understand the concept of equilibrium to a certain extent, such as weight, temperature or height, are equivalent. Some people think or feel one side of polarity as good or desirable, while the other side thinks it is bad or unwanted. However, the two sides of polarity actually refer to the same spectrum as electricity is always, no matter whether it is a positive or negative charge.
With the same logic, any bodily function can also be interpreted as existing as a spectrum between two extremes, e.g. Proximal-distal movements, hot and cold body temperatures, slow and rapid digestion, etc. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the two extremes must be in a special, balanced relationship with each other, so that the body functions reach their full potential. How this can be supported is detailed in the 6 balances in this workshop:

1. Yin Activation
2. Yang Activation
3. Yin Yang Communication
4. Yin Yang Equilibrium
5. Yin Yang Normalization
6. Yin Yang Communion

Conrad Ho is an explorer, adventurer, facilitator and coach in the field of personal growth. His mission is to help himself and others to restore, consolidate and improve one’s personal state of balance in order to live his true self. Conrad is human by his amiable, open and easygoing manner. He loves to play, likes traveling, loves new experiences and longs for challenges. The execution of his courses is characterized by a great relation to everyday life. The courses he has designed use everyday experiences to get the participants to reflect on their lives. The explorative, experimental and playful activities help participants transform their thoughts into insights and make new decisions for their own lives.

COURSE FEE: Early Bird until 16.04.2018 351,00 €, after that 390,00 €





Monday, July 16th 2018

Cecilia Koester – The Building Block Activities

This one-day workshop provides methods and techniques for parents, teachers and therapists. Participants will walk away with the ability to immediately use the Building Block Activities at home, in classrooms, and during one-to-one therapy sessions.

  • The concept of movement-based learning is a way for us to begin to understand and apply the methods and techniques taught in this workshop.
  • The methods and techniques practiced in this workshop are known as “The Building Block Activities.”
  • The Building Block Activities, developed by Cecilia Koester, MEd, create a foundation for us to return to our natural, normal curious state of learning.
  • These Building Block Activities are designed to enhance brain development and improve everyday life skills, behavior and functioning.COURSE FEE: Early Bird until 16.04.2018 117,00 €, after that 130,00 €




Tuesday, July 17th 2018

Amy Choi – Double Doodle Play

In this introductory course we will use the Double Doodle and other movements from Brain Gym and Vision Gym to explore and enhance visual perception and artistic expression. Participants will, through experience and discussion, gain a finer understanding of the relationship among visual skills, hand-eye coordination, and creative expression. Applications for parents, teachers and various age groups will be addressed. Open to all.

* your own innate ability to draw and paint new ways to connect with color, shape, and movement
* the informative nature of the design process
* the mystery of co creative drawing
* a new way to journal your experiences
* joy, ease, and serendipity in creative expression

We’ll explore several Double Doodle variations, as well as a few other Brain Gym and Vision Gym movements as they relate to:

* the midfield and centralized vision
* homologous movements that prepare the way for heartful drawing
* using the eyes in a more relaxed, whole-brain way
* simple things to do at home or in the classroom to encourage healthy visual skills
* reclaiming our ambi-dexterity as we engage in daily-life activities

Learn how the following abilities affect reading and fine-motor skills:

* crossing the visual/kinesthetic midline
* binocularity for working in the midfield
* the internalization of early developmental movement
* spatial awareness and depth perception
* self-perception as it regards movement and tactility

Amy Choi is one of the few Double Doodle Play Teacher Trainers authorized by Gail and Paul Dennison to train Double Doodle Play Instructors around the world.  She finds Double Doodle Play fun, integrating and magical.  Over the years, it opens up a window for her to see and discover many beautiful things that she couldn’t see before.  She likes teaching the course very much and loves teaching it to parents and children.  Double Doodle Play has become her most popular class in terms of student numbers in her kinesiology career.  She has taught nearly 1000 Double Doodle Play students since she became a Double Doodle Play Instructor in 2007.

COURSE FEE: Early Bird until 16.04.2018 117,00 €, after that 130,00 €




Wednesday, July 18th 2018

Mariah Jane Thies – Brain Dance

The “Brain Dance” is based on the developmental movement patterns human beings move through in the first year of life to wire the central nervous system so that the brain can operate at its full potential. The baby does his or her own “Brain Dance” very naturally in the first 12 months of life, culminating with the neurologically advanced Cross-Crawl. In this interactive and fun workshop, we will explore a sitting and standing version of the Brain Dance for kids, teens and adults, utilized as a tool to ensure any neurological gaps are filled in through the necessary movement. This a great supplement to the Brain Gym 26 movements, during a basic balance and for an In-Depth balance. This is also a fantastic little “dance” to do to augment PACE, especially for clients who find the cross crawl to be a challenge initially. After the Brain Dance, the body and
brain are both relaxed and focused and ready for the learning to follow. While similar to Carol Anne Erickson’s wonderful work in Movement Exploration, the unique attribute of the Brain Dance is its quick and easy to follow structure, and the ideas of music and movement suggestions that are ideal children. This workshop will present the children version and will also address music and movement suggestions for teens and adults.

Brain Dance, created by Anne Green Gilbert

Mariah-Jane Thies has a long and varied background in both musis and dance, spanning over 35 years, with additional specialization in Brain Dance,
Laban, Brain Gym and Rhythmic Movement Training. She pulls threads from all areas of her training to create the material of the Grow Up SmART children’s and
teens programme, as well as incorporating these concepts into her unique teaching methodologies in ballet and modern.
Mariah-Jane is a registered Royal Academy of Dance ballet teacher. She holds a dance teacher degree from Grant MacEwan and is a certified Evans Laban based Modern teacher. She is also a licensed Brain Gym consultant and a certified Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training (BRMT) consultant. She is a regular presenter at such events as the International Somatics-Based Dance Training Conference in NY and Healthy Dancer Canada Conference.

COURSE FEE: Early Bird until 16.04.2018 117,00 €, after that 130,00 €




Thursday, July 19th 2018

Renate Wennekes – Bonding and Depression

Who does not dream of the big love, passion, closeness and that one person that is there for us, to understand us and fulfill all our dreams? Who was able to receive all that? The disappointment, the feeling of being left alone and the feeling of being separated throws a shadow over our adult love life, partnership and relationship in our family, at work and with our friends.

The early childhood bonding during pregnancy, birth and in the months immediately following birth allows us to experience safety, trust and proximity at the body of our mother.

The bonding reflex is an essential support to rediscovering proximity with yourself and with others. Rebuild your natural ability to love and engage in relationships. From the workshop series ‘Relationship Reflexes’.

Workshop founder: Renate Wennekes

COURSE FEE: Early Bird until 16.04.2018 117,00 €, after that 130,00 €




Friday, July 20th 2018

Renate Wennekes – Longing and Burnout

Does burnout really exclusively result excessive working behaviours? Nature foresees that it is the child that regulates the proximity and distance towards the caretaker and the environment. When the baby is ready, it moves away in its own pace. If it is taken away too early or if it does not have enough space to conquer the environment a deep feeling of longing and unfulfillment can be the result. How does this fact relate to the modern day phenomenon of burnout?

The longing reflex is the invisible umbilical cord that connects us with our mother or caretaker.

This is a workshop generating surprising insights. It provides you with integrating balances for courage and drive in your every day life. From the workshop series ‘Relationship Reflexes’.

Workshop founder: Renate Wennekes

COURSE FEE: Early Bird until 16.04.2018 117,00 €, after that 130,00 €




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