Dear friends and fans of Kinesiology and the IKL,

the spring is already here with us and with it a series of fascinating courses with international lecturers to which we would like to invite you. Enjoy with us Dr. Paul Dennison (USA), Terry Webb (South Africa) and Natalie Davenport (GB). In addition, the Edu-K conference will take place in July 2018 here in Damme – you will find a short preview also. We are looking forward to seeing you!

 Renate Wennekes and the IKL-Team


Course shedule

April 2017

Terry Webb

• April, 20th - 21st:  Essential Tool Level 1

• April, 22nd - 24th: Essential Tool Level 2

Natalie Davenport

• April 28th - May, 2nd: Applied Kinesiology

May 2017

Paul Dennison

• May, 26th - 28th:  Masters Class Edu-K

September 2017:

Mathew Thie

• September, 13th-14th: Clinical Touch for HealthTM Joyful Movement Performance and Sport

• September, 15th-16th: Touch for Health® Goal Setting and Metaphor Workshop

• September, 17th: Clinical Touch for HealthTM

Oktober 2017:

Wayne Topping

• October, 19th: Stress release 1

• October, 20th: Stress release 2

• October, 22nd: Energy Centres

• October, 23rd-24th: Working with emotions

November/ December 2017:

Cecilia Koester

• November, 30th: The Building Block Activities

• December, 1st-3rd: Brain Gym for the Differently Abled

• December, 4th: The Building Block Activities Teachers Class

March  2018:

Amy Choi

• March, 24th-26th: Double Doodle Play - A window to whole brain learning

• March, 26th-30th Authentic Self

April/May 2018:

Natalie Davenport/ Renate Wennekes

• April, 27th- May, 1st: Applied Kinesiology

Bill Hubert

• May, 10th: Bal-A-Vis-X  for practitioner

• May, 11th-13th: Bal-A-Vis-X for experienced adults and practitioner

• May, 11th-13th: Bal-A-Vis-X for adults

September 2018:

Regina Biere

• September, 7th - 10th: The five elements


International classes at IKL

April, 20th - 21st Terry Webb:  The Essential Tool Level 1 and Level 2

Terry Webb works in schools in South Africa and together with the students researched how learning challenges can be identified through the way they draw lazy eights. Based on this he developed a unique program using the lazy eights to determine the complex learning capacities and potentials of people. “You can learn a lot with books and classes or via the internet. But the best teacher is practical experience” says Terry Webb about his teachings. 

• The purpose of „The Essential Tool”

• How I can use it for myself and for others

• Identifying 13 Learning Challenges

* The Essential Tool Level 1

*The Essential Tool Level 2


April, 22nd - 24th: Terry Webb: Essential Tool Level 2

This tool can be used to enhance learning successes in various areas like sports, business, schools in order to support people to give their best.

Influences of the traditional Chinese health teaching

• Yin and Yang

• The 5 Elements and 12 Meridians and the lazy eights

• Identifying 19 learning challenges with the lazy eights

• Determining learning challenges

• Effects on the hand writing

• How sleeping and nutrition effect our learning

The Essential Tool Level 2


April, 28th - May, 5th Natalie Davenport: Applied Kinesiology

Nathalie is one of the first kinesiologists. She has been pivotal in spreading the works of Applied Kinesiology and Touch for Health as a member of the Touch for Health faculty in England. Also, with her work, she has fundamentally contributed to the “Open College of Kinesiology” with its goals to professionalize kinesiology. In this course you will learn the basic techniques of applied kinesiology.


• Electromagnetic information: ionization, pitch, roll, yaw, cloacals, hyoid bone, perineum, body regulators, blood pressure, geopathic stress, vivaxis, extra meridians

• Structural information: carpal tunnel, pisiform-hamet, ileocaecal valve, Houston valve, hiatus hernia, lymph flow, shock absorbers, step mechanism, pelvic positions, spine, joints, head, hands, feet, sports injuries, movements of bones.

Learn more about Natalies background in this short video.

*Applied Kinesiology 


May, 26th - 28th Paul Dennison, Ph.D. Masters Class Edu-K

This Masters Class is a class specially compiled for those that are familiar with the Brain Gym ® and Edu-K work and want to get a deeper understanding of the work as well as its history. Dr. Paul Dennison’s classes are being taught worldwide with each instructor giving the work their own personal turn to his ingenious program. The participation in this class is an important step towards understanding Educational Kinesiology in its depth. Experience Paul in person, learn from his teachings, use the chance to experience first hand how he balances with people. And enjoy that your work with Brain Gym ® and Edu-K will be different afterwards. Use this unique Masters Class in order to upgrade your work and your teaching as well as to make your balances more effective.

*Masters Class Edu-K


IKL International

Come to Germany in 2018! International Edu-K Conference 12. – 22. July 2018, Damme.

The year 2018 will mark 35 years of Educational Kinesiology in Germany! We will celebrate this monumental anniversary by hosting the International Edu-K Conference in Damme, Germany at the Institute for Kinesiology Teachings.

 The world of Edu-K meets up at the IKL in Damme, 2018

The Institute for Kinesiology Teachings is one of the leading Kinesiology institutes in Germany. It is renowned world wide as being the hub for Educational Kinesiology, Developmental Kinesiology and the Accompanying Kinesiology model. It offers high quality workshops, instructor trainings and professional tracks. more....