May 2017: Paul Dennison, Ph.D visits Damme 

We are coming to the time Paul Dennison visits our institute from May 26th to May 28th. It will be one of his lasts trips, so use your chance to get to know him personally.  Lisa talked to him about his work. Watch part 2 of the interview here


What is special about Paul Dennison? By Heike Potthoff (member of the IKL-Team)

For me, Dr. Paul Dennison is a phenomenon! First of all, when we look closer at his biography:

Paul Dennison personally had the greatest learning difficulties and he has brought it so far that he is today one of the greatest kinesiologists in the world. As a key to this work and success, I see the love to humans, especially to the children. He is not concerned about himself or his method, but the focus is always the client.

He is one of the first to take up and implement the importance of action-oriented learning. Because this learning is about the body's learning.The importance of the body, in the unity of the body, mind and soul was frequently disregarded. Today, the "action-oriented" learning method is in every curriculum, but unfortunately it is not implemented so often.

He has developed the Brain Gym-Exercises, because he has looked closely, with himself and with the clients. No, not only "looked", of course, but "especially" felt! Paul understands to convey that it is about understanding for each individual.

Everyone needs a motivation for their actions, but at the same time an environment that supports and turns to him. Paul is wonderful in staying calm so that everyone can find his rhythm, his learning tempo.

I am looking forward to the course with Paul Dennison, because his way of appreciating and working with kinesiology is very special.For me it is an honor that Paul comes to Damme to teach here and I can be a part of it. 


May, 26 - 28: Masters Class Edu-K with Paul Dennison, Ph.D. 


May, 26: 3pm - 8pm

May, 27:  9am - 8pm

May, 28 : 9am - 5 pm

Costs: 680,- €

Info and registration: Master Class Edu-K