May 2017: Paul Dennison, Ph.D visits Damme 

It is nearly time -  Dr. Paul Dennison will arrive at our Institute within a few days. His "Masters Class" runs from May 26, 2017 to May 28, 2017, and is one of the few appointments that Paul still performs outside the US. We are already full of anticipation for this event.

To get a little insight, look at part 3 and part 4 of the interview, which Paul led with Lisa. Have fun!

Simone Blume, lecturer at the IKL and familiar with Edu-Kinestetik for a long time, writes about her meeting with Paul a few years ago.

When I met Dr. Paul Dennison many years ago, I was surprised.

The man to whom I owe my beloved 5-step learning model, which I like so much to use in my balances and for myself in everyday life. The man, who has compiled the brain-gym exercises with an incredible intuition and has created the so-often-breaking pathways and so much more.

Then he stood before me and spoke to me. When I got the first balance of the course, it was a really special experience.

It was such a heartfeltness that I felt completely safe and confident, even though 40 other people were in the room. But not only that, the course has given me a new understanding for my work with clients, but also a different depth in the work.

It is also very special to experience Paul in the translation team with Renate or Lisa. If you want to feel the most original spirit of Brain-Gym and the Edu-K, the "Master in Depth" is highly recommended.


May, 26 - 28: Masters Class Edu-K with Paul Dennison, Ph.D. 


May, 26: 3pm - 8pm

May, 27:  9am - 8pm

May, 28 : 9am - 5 pm

Costs: 680,- €

Info and registration: Master Class Edu-K