International EDU-K Conference 2018 

In a smoky hotel in the Grunewald almost 35 years ago, today's accompanying kinesiology was fundamentally shaped. 

We, Wolfgang Gillessen, Ravindra and I had Dr. Paul Dennison to Berlin for a course. These days were fascinating and pioneering for us.

It was also the birth of the educational model. Today the accompanying kinesiology is spread all over Germany. Who would have thought?! We want to celebrate with you at the first international Edu-K conference in Damme.

The motto of the 2018 conference is "My body, my stage"! The body is particularly respected in Edu-Kinestetik as a prerequisite for a fulfilled life and learning with joy and suffering, enthusiasm and failure. We have the opportunity to invite many specialists from all over the world and of course you too!

We look forward to all the people who are curious about kinesiology and  IKL and have fun learning and enriching their lives. Of course, we are also looking forward to all those who are members of  IKL. For some time Damme was almost the second home for so many of you. So also a great opportunity to meet old friends again and make new friends.

Ready to go!

The "Conference 2018" button on the IKL website is now available with a lot of info. You can log in!

I look forward to meet each of you!




International Edu-K Faculty Meeting 09 – 11 July 2018

Internationale Edu-K Conference 12 – 15 July 2018

International Post-Conference Courses & Workshops 16 – 20 July 2018

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