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Developmental Kinesiology was developed by Renate Wennekes and Angelika Stiller in the 1990s. Today, it is one of the most demanded classes taught by Renate Wennekes – in Germany and abroad.  This summer Renate Wennekes teaches a selection of her Developmental Kinesiology workshops and classes in Asia and in North America.
Check out when she will be teaching in your city: 
Teaching Reflexes:
Singapore, 5. June 2013 ( AND Ottawa (Kanada)  4. August 2013. (
“By re-experiencing and reintegrating our reflexes, one is given a chance, even as an adult, to love yourself and to honor yourself as you are, to accept yourself and to enfold your personality. Reflexes are gifts—they are there just for you!”
Teaching  Birth and Change 
Singapore 06.-08. June 2013 ( AND Ottawa 06.-08. August 2013 (
“Come into the light – Come into the darkness – Birth means stepping onto a beautiful planet – Full of growth and potential – Birth means stepping into – emotions, challenges, pain, illness – Both are the Earth – To be born means to be open to life and death – To joy and transformation – To sadness and letting go – To anger and divinity – In the moment of birth we are everything – Let’s use our opportunities”- Renate Wennekes
Bali, 15. June 2013: Keynote Speech (
At the Brain Gym® International Conference 2013 Bali  „The natural feeling of inner happiness – Developmental Kinesiology and what babies need to grow up healthy.“ 
Teaching Speech and Hand Dexterity
Bali 17.-19. June 2013 ( AND 
New York 10.-12. August 2013 (contact p.oleska(at)
“The hand is this fine, most complicated organ which allows intelligence not only to show, but to interact within the surrounding in a very specific relationship. The more differentiated the hands can grasp, the more they are part of shaping the every day life and the more the child begins to think about actions in the future as well as to use experiences for future actions. The development of speech and hand dexterity are the signs of the development of mankind.”
Teaching Motor Development
Ottawa 05. August 2013 (
“Every movement even the observed ones are stored as a movement-sensation in the brain, the feeling for movement, an experience and a plan of movement develops. Movement, sensory perception and the brain development are linked in their growth, dynamically and depend on one another. “
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